Bo Polny Has A Warning On Joe Biden’s War, Announces Donald Trump’s Return

Bo Polny has an update

Polny wants Americans to pay special attention to the following dates:


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He even made a prediction on the potential war. According to him, this war will be followed by a crash of the dollar and a crash of the stock market. Simple as that. It’s as scary as it seems.

The Trump administration put an end to aggression, but Biden changed it in the first month of his presidency.

Is this the beginning of a war?

Things don’t look good at all.

Biden doesn’t look good and we can’t ignore his mental health decline. He is trying to dirstract everyone from his health and stolen election.

Don’t forget to watch this interview with Bo Polny. It has details of the potential war and the crash of the dollar.

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Red Sea Moment? Here are the signs:

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