BIZZARE VIDEO: What Happened To The White House?!

Are we left all alone?

These are some of the darkest times in American history.

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It seems like Americans are left all alone, helpless, abandoned, hopeless, and attacked.

It appears as if our country is under siege.

Well, the White House is a perfect symbol of it all!

A worried American citizen recorded a bizarre video footage of the White House, and it looks like an abandoned home!

Not a human soul there!

Just fences all around, military.. Far different from the time Trump was living there. Then, the place was full of laughter, people, negotiations, and business meetings.

Lately, Richard, a journalist from Citizen, was filming a lot of video material on the Washington D.C, and his videos reveal the same state..

Sadness and loneliness.

This is surely due to the creepy old man who “possessed” it…

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Source: thetruedefender.com

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