Bizarre New Photo Shows Gretchen Whitmer and Joe Biden In a Strange Pose Together

What should we expect next… Gretchen spoon-feeding him ice cream, maybe?

The media kept reporting that Biden went to visit Traverse City, and some alleged that he would show up at the Cherry Festival which started on Saturday.

Well..nope. This was not the case.

What he did was fly into the Traverse City Airport, he did some hand-holding with Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and then took Marine One to Antrim County.

Sounds familiar? Yup, it is the home of lots of suspicious voting irregularities to help Biden get more votes.

Speaking of “suspicious….”, it seems that Joe and Gretchen have a different relationship from one of two politicians, and they look more like “patient and nursemaid”.

The photo below shows Joe greeting Debbie Stabenow with an awkward handshake, and compare it with the way he’s just clinging to Gretchen’s hand for dear life…

Biden flew on a fuel-guzzling helicopter ( that produced lots of global warming) to get to King Orchards in Central Lake.

There, he paid a visit to a cherry farm with Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and Michigan Democratic Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow.

Guess what- this cherry farm is not even in Grand Traverse County where Traverse City is located!

He could have gone to zillions of other cherry farms and vineyards closer instead!

Yet, he “cherry-picked” a farm that had some migrants working there who were willing to be used as props for his visit.

At the cherry farm, there were about 200 people, mostly to pick cherries and buy products from the farm, according to a White House aide.

Even though Joe attempted to pretend he was the President while he was at the cherry farm, he failed again.

A reporter asked him about the recent hacking by the Russians and he had to pull out notes to answer questions.

After touring and buying a few things, Joe flew back to the airport and then spread more global warming when he hopped into the Beast and went with the motorcade to make an unexpected trip to Moomer’s Ice cream.

In contrast, when Republican presidents Bush and Trump came to Traverse City, they let people know where they were going to be and when – and the public was invited to show up to welcome them.

They never sneaked off for a pizza or an ice cream cone.

In the case of Joe, no one actually knew anything about the trip until the morning it happened, not even to the Traverse City and Grand Traverse County police.

On the day of his visit, The Grand Traverse 911 Facebook page, posted that they still had no idea when and where roads will be closed.

At 1 pm – around the same time that Biden landed, when the Grand Traverse Facebook page posted:

“We’re receiving a lot of calls asking when/if roads are going to be closed today, or if they will be able to get to nail, hair, doctor appts, the Cherry Festival, friends’ houses, etc. The truth is—we have no idea! We really wish we did. We’re ready for whatever may happen today, but we haven’t been given any additional information than what is already out and about. When we do receive information, we will update as soon as we know! Be safe, and allow A LOT of extra time to your destinations—especially if that destination is in the airport area–it’s going to be a busy day.”

On the other hand, Trump supporters still planned a Trump boat parade, and some even decorated their vehicles with Trump flags and signs in Antrim and Grand Traverse counties.

Traverse City is a very liberal city, but Grand Traverse County is a very conservative and Republican county, so the Trump supporters wanted to welcome Biden the right way.

Unfortunately, Joe didn’t feel like it was necessary to actually “visit” the award-winning number one greatest lake beach town in America.



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