BILL GATES: A Mid-Life Crisis Or A Vicious Agenda- From Vaccines To A Nuclear Reactor

Bill Gates, accompanied by his multimillionaire friends, seems to be playing a game of monopoly.

And in doing so, they’re making sure their deceitful destruction agenda to depopulate the planet, has a plan B… just in case …

As noted in a report by Reuters,

“Billionaire friends Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have chosen the U.S. state of Wyoming to build the first Natrium reactor project, its governor said on 2 June.

On Wednesday, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon announced that the state has partnered with TerraPower, founded by Gates some 15 years ago, and PacifiCorp, an electric utility owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, build a nuclear reactor at a coal plant that is retiring in seven years.”

Furthermore, “the plant will be a multi-billion dollar project with costs to be split evenly between government and private industry,” TerraPower president and CEO Chris Levesque said. He also claimed that the nuclear plant would produce “two-thirds less waste by volume than conventional nuclear plants.”

Yet, there are A LOT of concerns, too … Besides the possible danger for the entire living world, a tool to destroy a big part of civilization, climate change activists have their doubts and concerns, too.

“While it represents ‘cleaner’ energy in terms of low carbon emissions, the two main problems that environmentalists see as potentially serious are polluting waste and discharging cooling water that harms fish.”

Another problem – uranium is the key element for nuclear weapons and nuclear power.

And in a recent report, nuclear energy experts alerted that “advanced reactors could have greater risks than conventional ones. The Natrium reactor is a fused sodium nuclear fission reactor, similar to those being built in China that are at the center of international concerns.

The reason is that these reactors produce more radioactive material than they consume, and among those products is plutonium. Plutonium can be used in other nuclear reactors, or countries may use it for nuclear weapons. These types of reactors are known as fast reactors.

They pointed out that “the fuel for many advanced reactors would have to be enriched at a much higher rate than conventional fuel, meaning that the fuel supply chain could be an attractive target for those seeking to create a rudimentary nuclear weapon.”

Bill, are you going through a mid-life crisis?


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