Big Set Up: Even NYT Admits Police Ordered To Stand Down On January 6th – Yet The DOJ And FBI Are Harassing And Indicting Innocent Americans

The Capitol Police was given special orders

Democrats keep talking about January 6th riots, but they forget to mention one tiny detail. Believe it or not, the Capitol Police was given orders to stand down.  Wonder why? Nancy Pelosi had a plan.

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The House Speaker turned down the offer Donald Trump made the day before. It was related to the National Guard troops but Pelosi didn’t even talk about it.

We have Director Wray spilling out his lies. He keeps saying Antifa wasn’t there. But, there’s strong evidence of Antifa warriors rioting at the Capitol. The DOJ indicts innocent citizens invited into the building by police officers. Is this your justice, Pelosi? Americans can do better than this. We all deserve better than this.

According to a recent report by the New York Times, the Capitol Police was told to stand down that day.

Pelosi didn’t want to hear anything related to the National Guard troops and rejected Trump’s offer.

Director Wray did an effort to cover up the mistake. He lied about the evidence. Antifa and other radical groups were there. They even disguised themselves as Trump supporters.

Wray sure knew about this. It was all over the internet. Antifa and BLM protesters bragged about it.

The police invited Trump supporters into the building.

Here’s more evidence:

The DOJ and FBI go after innocent people who entered and left the building on January 6th. They harass pregnant single mothers.

Here’s the story of a mother of four who tried to stop people from breaking stuff at the Capitol. She is no longer safe.

The same goes for the Proud Boys. Swamp monsters say they are dangerous. What about Antifa?

If the FBI wanted to do the right thing, they would go after Pelosi and everything she did. They’d go after her fellows. Antifa messed up everything. The police should be investigating all the people who arrived at the spot just to add fuel to the fire.

So, let’s get it clear. Pelosi didn’t need National Guard troops at the Capitol. The Capitol Police was ordered to stand down and Trump supporters were welcomed at the Capitol just to be harassed a couple of months later. This is nothing but a massive setup.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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