Biden’s Poll Numbers Are In, And They Are Just What You Would Expect!

US President Joe Biden served a piece of his reality, and recent poll numbers reveal the real side of his early presidency

Democrats tried to push forward their fake agenda, suggesting that Joe Biden is the perfect presidential candidate. Yes, Bide was popular a couple of months ago, but his popularity did not come from anything good. There is a big difference between popularity and decency.

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The US President will get to learn the results of the most recent polls regarding his presidency. What happened to his big support? Where are all those people who swore by their president?

“Despite having received over 80 million votes in November, President Joe Biden appears to be off to a relatively weak start,” Western Journal wrote. “According to a Quinnipiac University poll that surveyed Americans between Jan. 28 and Feb. 1, Biden’s approval rating is just 49 percent — well below the majority approval that newly elected presidents typically receive.

“The Biden numbers are solid but not spectacular as the country tries to coalesce around a new administration that faces the dual challenge of daunting economic struggles and comforting a COVID-weary public,” Quinnipiac policy analyst Tim Malloy said.

“The telephone survey of 1,075 adults had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent. This follows a Quinnipiac poll released nine days before Biden’s inauguration that indicated Americans doubted Biden would unite the country.

Bloomberg White House reporter Jennifer Epstein tweeted that ‘31% of voters say they think [Biden] will be able to unite the country and 56% say they expect partisan divisions to remain the same, while 14% are unsure.’”

Breitbart adds more spice. Believe it or not, Biden’s Fraudulency disapproval rating goes at 36%.

“The honeymoon already appears to be over for His Fraudulency Joe Biden, whose job approval rating in the latest Quinnipiac poll is under 50 percent — just 49 percent. What makes this significant is that Quinnipiac is a left-wing pollster, one of the most unreliable and rigged pollsters in America. If Quinnipiac is showing China Joe only at 49 percent, that’s worth passing along. If you want to know how rigged this poll is, check out the underlying numbers…”

Well, numbers do not go in favor of the sitting President of the United States. We believe that someone has some explaining to do. Numbers are sometimes scary, right?

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