Biden’s Breathing Caught On Mic! Can You Recall A Similar Event Back In 2010?

We could all hear Biden’s breathing during his speech on Tuesday at Ohio State University!

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The microphone placed at the podium caught every single breath of Biden while he was talking about the coronavirus pandemic and beating cancer!

Once Biden stepped on the podium, he asked if he should keep his mask on while talking.
“I guess I’m supposed to keep this on, correct?”

In his speech, Biden talked about the bill’s 11th anniversary and announced that Biden administration would prolong the special enrollment period for Obamacare until August 15. That way, Americans could have more time to enroll for coverage.

“Historic achievement that would not have been possible but for the vision and determination of one of the successful presidents in recent American history, Barack Obama,”

During his speech, Biden said that he recalled an event in 2010. He was riding in a presidential vehicle with Obama when the microphone recorded his private comment about the health care bill, calling it “a big fucking deal.”

Then, Biden said: “All I could think was thank God my mother wasn’t around to hear it,”

Regarding the issue of improving Obamacare, President Biden stated:

“We have a duty not just to protect it, but to make it better and keep becoming a nation where healthcare is a right for all, not just the privilege of a few,”

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