Biden’s Approval Rating Took The Most Unexpected Turn Imaginable

Joe Biden isn’t popular, but he twists and turns that his approval ratings are fake and fascinating to watch.

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We know that he has 36-43% approval, depending on the poll, and the most exciting thing is where he ranks among the top deputies.

Biden’s approval is very low; even Fauci and Harris are more popular than him.

Breitbart reported that Biden’s dismal job approval rating has sunk past his best deputies, Harris and Fauci. Biden is the 9th highest ranked out of 11 federal leaders respondents to a Gallup Poll assessing national leadership for 2021 decided.

The president’s disapproval rating, 51%, Is lower than Harris’ 54 points negative job rating.

This is the worst news for Biden, and everything is because of his handling of the C-19 situation and Afghanistan’s withdrawal.

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