BIDEN’S AMERICA: 3rd Grader Forced To Remove ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Mask

Joe Biden takes a shot at religion

Rep. Jim Jordan destroyed Dr. Anthony Fauci over mask mandates and other measures. The Biden regime is taking a shot at people and the President’s chief medical advisor and lead immunologist in our country was lost for words.

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We want our lives back. When will we get an opportunity to hug our loved ones or even visit them? So many restrictions, so many stupid rules… It’s just politics, and every decent American knows it. Fauci and his buddies are trying to turn the whole situation in their favor and benefit from the pandemic. Of course. These restrictions won’t do us any good. We are prisoners in our own cities. We want to take these masks off. Yes, we want to meet our friends and gather with all the people who mean something to us. We want to enjoy life without Fauci mumbling behind our backs. Americans have constitutional rights to live freely and Biden is trying to take that away from the people who voted for him.

“When is the time? When is the time?” Jordan pressed Fauci. “When do Americans get their freedom back?”

The doctor stayed mum for a while and provided the most ignorant answer you can ever imagine. “When we get the level of infection in this country low enough,” he said. Wow. Brilliant. A “brilliant” mind has spoken.

The Ohio Republican said that every hour US citizens live under coronavirus restrictions, the US constitution suffers irreversible damage.

“I … understand it’s pretty serious when businesses have been shut down, people can’t go to church, people can’t assemble in their own homes … people can’t go to a loved one’s funeral, people can’t get to their government to petition their representative to redress their grievances,” he said.

“I don’t look at this as a liberty thing, Congressman Jordan,” Fauci said. Really?

When it comes to liberties and human rights, a third-grade girl had the most unpleasant experience. The little girl had to take her mask off. Wonder why? The message on her mask had the word “Jesus.” So, liberals are now offended. How dare she wear this mask? Liberals are incredibly ignorant. They want to kill our faith. They want to kill our love for God. But, we won’t let them do that. writer Caleb Parke reported:

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is fighting for a third-grade girl’s right to wear a “Jesus Loves Me” face mask to public school.

Tyson Langhofer, ADF senior counsel, told the Todd Starnes Radio Show Thursday the school district engaged in “viewpoint discrimination” by singling out Lydia Booth in October while allowing other students to wear “Black Lives Matter” masks.

“We are proud of our daughter. She wanted to express her faith. We felt like we had to stand up for her when she was told she couldn’t express her faith like she was somehow a second-class citizen simply because she wanted to express a religious message and others a secular message,” the girl’s parents told the ADF.

The terrible incident happened on Oct. 13 at the Simpson Central School. It was terrible. The principal took the girl aside and told her that she has to take her mask off. Well, the girl has already worn it several times. To make things worse, young Marxist cultists wore their Black Lives Matter masks.

The school called Jennifer Booth, the girl’s mom, to tell her that her daughter had violated the school’s policy. Booth knows the policy and she knows that there’s no such thing as “no words on masks.”

The school’s superintendent then informed the mother that the mask violated other attire policy because students aren’t allowed to wear anything that contains political, religious, or other symbols. Inappropriate symbols. Really? Since when is the name of God “inappropriate”?

It looks like school officials have the final word. They get to decide what’s “inappropriate.” BLM masks are not “political” right? Since when?

“Apparently they believe religious messages in class or in schools are inappropriate, but they allowed other masks with all kinds of other messages on it,” Langhofer said. “If you allow others to express messages on their masks, you have to allow people to express religious messages.”

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