Biden’s AG Pick Supports White House’s Push For Restricting Gun Ownership

Merrick Garland is Biden’s nominee for attorney general. On Monday, he declared that he supports the White House’s push to restrict gun ownership. For this purpose, Garland accepts to align the DOJ and White House’s push.

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The nominee said that Biden wants to impose control over America’s guns.
In The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Senator Mike Lee asked him about the gun control process.

Justice Department’s role is to improve the policy program of the administration as much as the law allows.
Garland also said that if there is a space in the law for these policies, the President of the U.S will pursue them.
During the past week, Biden shared his plan to impose strict gun purchase restrictions. Also, the President mentioned the ban on “assault weapons” and the elimination of the liability shields for gun manufacturers.

Numerous young people experienced gun violence, including the Parkland students. America can and will do better, said Joe Biden.
But, NRA – The National Rifle Association said they would fight back against this policy and these control measures.

NRA Statement:

“Imagine if firearm manufacturers and sellers—even those who strictly followed the laws enacted to regulate their industry—faced potential civil liability every time a criminal misused a firearm. The effect would be similar to holding automobile makers and dealers responsible for injuries caused by drunk drivers. No business, no matter how conscientious and law-abiding, could ever survive being liable for the acts of millions of random people over whom it had no control,” – The Epoch Times. 

During the hearing, the members attacked Garland. In 2007 he voted for the U.S Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia supporting gun rights.

But Garland justified his vote:

“I was not the only judge, and other judges, including a judge appointed by a president of a different party, also voted and for the same reason.”

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