Biden White House To Deploy “Delta Variant” Response Teams Across US To Communities With Low Vaccination Rates

The current administration in the US, Biden admin, will deploy Delta variant response teams throughout the territory to communities with a low level of vaccination.

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The teams will consist of CDC officials. Also, officials from the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, confirmed CNN.

The main focus would be on communities with a low level of vaccinated individuals because Biden won’t vaccinate 70% of the population until July 4.

At this point, only 47% of the population got two doses of the jabs.

CNN shared this:

The White House has deployed similar response teams in the past, but this is the first time they are focused on the Delta variant, a White House official said. These response teams will conduct surge testing, provide therapeutics like monoclonal antibodies and deploy federal personnel to areas that need support staff for vaccinations.

The White House coronavirus team is spearheading this effort, and officials expect the teams will help with everything from boosting testing, providing supplies, and potentially increasing paid media efforts targeting regions where vaccinations are low.

While these response teams are being sent to prop up communities, officials believe vaccinations are the number one way to stop the spread and recognize there could be a limit to their efforts. Most US adults who plan to get vaccinated against Covid-19 have already done so, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation report released this week.

Senator Rand Paul (KY) shared that the Biden admin used the delta variant to bring back masks and lockdowns.

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