Biden Town Hall Melt Down: “Where you, uh, why can’t, the the the experts say, you know, in fact…”

When we thought he couldn’t get any lower… He convinced us in the opposite!

During a CNN town hall, many times during the event, the brain of the senile Joe Biden turned to mush.

Nope, it’s not a “stutter”, it’s worse.

It appeared that he couldn’t keep a single train of thought.

At one point, Biden said:

“Um, where, is… why all the drugs are here you, uh, why can’t, the the the experts say, you know, in fact…”

Excuse me, can anyone translate for us?

Do you have any idea what he meant by it?

Watch the videos from the CNN town hall below:

Just as a comparison, if this happened to President Trump, the media would be talking about “cognitive decline” ALL THE TIME!

The media was insanely obsessed over his every move during his presidency!

It happened only once for him to carefully walk down a steep ramp, and the media said that was proof Trump was out of it!

Moreover, when he lifted water so he could drink at a rally, they reported that it proved that Trump suffered a stroke or a seizure.

Far-fetched claims, for sure!

Yet, now, when their beloved Joe struggled to speak on national TV, they seem not to care!

According to Fox News, the town hall was “uncomfortable to watch”:

“CNN’s heavily promoted town hall event with President Biden lit up social media for all the wrong reasons on Wednesday night as everything from crowd size to moderator Don Lemon’s performance was roasted.

Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Epstein kicked things off by pointing out the tiny crowd. “CNN was very careful to not show that no one showed up for the Biden Town Hall and that most of the room was empty,” radio host Mark Simone noted.

The Bongino Report declared the event was a “train wreck,” while Media Research Center president Brent Bozell called it “garbage.”

National Review editor Jack Butler slammed the “contrived” CNN event that he feels is a far cry from the successful town hall events of the past. Saying the format should be abolished, he called it a “hideous spectacle unbecoming of a self-governing republic” that continues to get worse.

“With the help of the mawkish sheen inculcated by the format, Biden largely skated through a kind of CliffsNotes of current events by invoking either his preferred cliché or talking point of the moment or a variety of emotional or ironic rhetorical devices as he saw fit,” Butler wrote.

“If CNN had any shame or respect for the citizens of a self-governing republic, the network would never air one of these idiotic events again,” Butler added. “But don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.”

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck noted that eight Democrats were allowed to ask questions, while only three Republicans were given the opportunity.

Grabien Media founder Tom Elliott sarcastically said Biden was “crushing it” when sharing a viral video of the president struggling to answer a question. Elliott’s clip has piled up over 2.2 million views and generated a plethora of criticism. Some viewers were irked that Lemon didn’t point out Biden’s struggles, while others just felt the entire ordeal was painful to watch.”

Unfortunately, things might even get worse- YES, it’s possible!

In case Biden’s obvious mental decline continues, Kamala Harris might end up in charge at the White House.

That’s just bone-chilling!


You have surely noticed that the town hall appeared to be over half empty, and this is said to be the most popular president ever.

Yup, the president who got the most votes ever!

If so, how come he can’t even fill up a town hall at CNN?

Do you remember how it was like during the time of President Trump?

To this present day, he can still draw tens of thousands to his rallies!

The New York Post confirms that Biden is not a sell-out event:

“President Biden on Wednesday spoke to a half-empty auditorium while doing a live CNN town hall event in Ohio.

The more than a dozen empty rows weren’t apparent to television viewers thanks to flattering shots that appeared to show a full, non-distanced crowd packing the front rows — in a striking visual display of normalcy after more than a year of COVID-19 restrictions.

But members of the traveling White House press pool shared photos from the back of the room, revealing that, in fact, the venue was far from packed at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati.

Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Epstein, who traveled with Biden as a representative of wire services, tweeted an image of “[w]hat the Biden CNN town hall looks like from the back of the auditorium.”

Voice of America reporter Steve Herman, the radio pool reporter for the trip, tweeted a similar image showing that the “[b]ack of the auditorium is empty.”

Herman also published a video showing other angles where spectators were missing from seats.

The image of empty seats was discordant with Biden’s attempt to project confidence in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic, including his assertion that “this is not a pandemic.”

It’s unclear if the room was half-full due to concerns about the virus or to a lack of public interest. A White House official referred an inquiry to CNN.

CNN spokeswoman Lauren Pratapas told The Post, “This was a typical audience size for a CNN town hall.” She did not elaborate on the reason for the small crowd size.

Former President Donald Trump routinely mocked Biden during last year’s presidential campaign for drawing small audiences — even before the pandemic — compared to his own rallies that generally featured tens of thousands of fired-up fans.”

Again, the media would have mocked him for the empty seats for weeks if this were President Trump.

They mocked him for his rally in Tulsa, even though it drew over 10,000 people, but didn’t fill up the stadium.

On the other hand, when Biden draws no more than a hundred people, not a peep from our activist media.

Such a double-standard attitude is heartbreaking and terrifying at the same time!


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