Biden Top Aide Unmasked In Durham Indictment

The Durham probe has exposed a lot of people

Hillary and Bill Clinton won’t like any of it. The same goes to Joe Biden and his administration. The Sussman Durham indictment has the name of one particular Biden aide.

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Believe it or not, Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is now unmasked. What happens next? Maybe Biden’s top aide should sign his resignation letter.

Fox News reported that Sullivan was mentioned in Durham’s piece.

“Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has been identified as the ‘foreign policy adviser’ named in the indictment of Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann,” Fox News reported.

Sullivan was Hillary’s senior campaign adviser in the 2016 presidential election campaign.

Durham’s indictment suggests that Sussmann told then-FBI General Counsel James Baker he wasn’t working for clients when he organized a September 2016 meeting where he showed evidence of a purported secret communications channel between President Donald Trump and Russians.

However, the indictment shows Sussmann billed the Clinton campaign for this particular meeting. The evidence he turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation was false. Biden’s deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pieree didn’t say anything about the Sullivan situation in a press briefing on Tuesday.

“I don’t know anything about what you’re you’re just mentioning.  So I have to talk to our team.”

Watch this video:

Marsha Blackburn says Sullivan should resign:

Will Biden fire people for being “corrupt”? The creepy old guy won’t do anything like that.

People like him never step down or apologize.

How will the whole situation end?

For now, we can easily say Durham is on fire.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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