Biden Staff Quickly Shoo Away Reporters After Bizarre Moment at Visit to Small Business in D.C.

Awkwardness follows Joe Biden everywhere he goes

The US President visited a local business and media members couldn’t ignore his attitude.

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“I said we’re the oldest hardware store in D.C.,” the store’s staff member said. “I also say we are the greenest hardware store in America. We have two urban farms in our building… they exist on our rooftop. But you’re not going to be able to see it from here, but if you want to give a wave…”

“I see ’em,” Biden told those above him. “Don’t jump, we need you.”

What happened next? Biden backed away from the press. Simple as that. Reporters had too many questions to ask, and Biden’s handlers took him out.

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Source: TrendingPolitics

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