Biden Refuses To Take Questions From Reporters After Blaming Trump For His Afghanistan Disaster – Immediately Takes Off To Camp David! (VIDEO)

It’s always easy to blame it on Donald Trump

Our so-called President did a short speech Monday. He tried to address the disaster in Afghanistan, but yes, it was just a failed attempt. Biden has dementia and he doesn’t even know what is going on. This man is trying to convince the world that he is the ultimate leader of this country. Oh, he is nothing but an old man who mumbles and stumbles.

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First, Dementia Joe mumbled through the remarks his handlers had prepared for him. He went on blaming Trump and the Afghan security forces on the horrible withdrawal. What happened next? Biden fled the lectern and ignored other questions from reporters. A classy move, right?

This was definitely the worst speech ever. Biden doesn’t even know how to deliver a speech. He said he stands by the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. Guess what… Biden even admitted the situation “unfolded more quickly that he anticipated.” Really?

So, Biden was blaming everyone living on this planet and took off. Simple as that. Is this how real presidents act?

Our old President did his best to focus his speech on whether Americans should be in an endless war in Afghanistan. He avoided pretty much anything related to the disastrous withdrawal. People were lying around… DEAD. Who killed these people? The stampede? US forces?

Check out this video. It shows another angle of the press conference. Reporters are asking questions but Biden played deaf.

Sleepy Joe left Washington for Camp David. What a creep!

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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