Biden REFUSES To Sit Next To Kamala Harris

It seems that Biden and Harris’s quarrel is even bigger now as time passes by.

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Biden made his entrance at the Senator Bob Dole’s funeral, and he only passed by Harris like they don’t talk at all,

But that wasn’t the worst thing. In the beginning, he stood next to the VP, but he said something to Jill, and they immediately switched seats.

Everything was caught on camera, and we have it below:

Info Wars reported:

Bizarre moment prompts speculation Biden has been instructed not to appear beside vice president, whose poll numbers are in the gutter.

Puzzling footage going viral on social media shows Joe Biden refusing to acknowledge Vice President Kamala Harris during a memorial for former Republican Sen. Bob Dole.

In a clip from Thursday’s congressional ceremony, Biden and his wife Jill stroll into the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol building and walk straight past Harris and her husband, who looks over at Biden following the snub.

After a few moments, Biden whispers something to Jill, before the two are caught awkwardly switching seats for seemingly no apparent reason.

The bizarre moment prompted speculation Biden has been instructed not to appear beside his vice president, who has been accused of driving down his poll numbers.

We can see that Biden and Harris aren’t communicating well. In the 2020 debate between Democrats, Harris said that she believed in all of Biden’s sexual accusers, and several months later, he made her a running mate.

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