Biden Made A DANGEROUS Mistake! He Could Endanger The Life Of Many People!

This Monday, the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, proved that the lives of many Americans aren’t important! He doesn’t care if he is the one potentially spreading the virus.

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After Biden finished his speech, he coughed into his hand, and immediately after that, he shook hands with many people. It’s crucial to mention that he wasn’t wearing a mask.

Is that all from ‘’taking every measure possible’’?

Take a look at the video below:

Biden constantly embarrasses America! The Dems aren’t wearing masks, and with bacteria on their hands, they shake hands with other people. That isn’t safe!

Biden follows: ‘’Rules for thee, not for me!’’

During the speech, he credited New Jersey Governor Murphy due to showing the way on coronavirus even though he lost 8,000 senior citizens in the nursing homes.

“Governor Murphy, so many of the national tragedies we’re confronting are in areas you’re already leading. That’s not hyperbole… Protecting public health, thanks for showing the way, pal, thanks for showing the way,” Biden stated.


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