Biden Latest Brutal Poll Numbers Shocked Even Jake Tapper, And He Can’t Hide It! WATCH

Joe Biden got what he deserves

Karma never misses an idiot. Biden is at the very end of his professional career and it won’t end gloriously. People hate Biden for everything he did in the past few months. He stole the elections with one major goal. Destroy our tradition and future.

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How ratings are pretty low right now. Surprised much? Me neither.

Biden claims he got $81 million votes last November. Where did all these people go? Some of his most loyal fans are gone… These people gave up on him. They are disappointed. We could all predict this fall…

Quinnipiac has something to say about this…

Jake Tapper is shocked!

This man is not popular. He is losing the final bit of his support.

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Source: The True Defender

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