Biden Just Made “The Big Switcheroo”… Did You Catch It?

In politics, this was a weird day!

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Biden spoke to the governors, and he told them that there isn’t a federal solution for the coronavirus pandemic, and the states had to take care of that.

Take a look at the video below:

We don’t say that he isn’t right now; he is right! We noted that this should have happened earlier, and he’s been lying and pretending that there was another way by destroying lives and country!

I guess Joe Biden never had a plan!

Biden still isn’t winning in the polls on C-19. It is a defeat! He said bye-bye to the pandemic, which was very good for him until now.

Mike Cernovich spotted that in Biden’s last tweet.

“When it comes to voter suppression, it’s no longer just about making it easy for eligible people to vote—it’s about whether or not those votes will count at all. It’s simple: voter suppression is un-American, un-democratic, and unpatriotic.” Biden tweeted.

Mike responded, “Facing electoral disaster in the coming midterms, Biden gives up on Covid and focuses on “elections.”

Joe Biden faces a defeat, and his mandates are unpopular, his Build Back better bull is crushed, inflation is out of control, and the economy is stagnating.

He is losing on every field!

Rumors circle that many focus groups ran the numbers and told the Biden Admin that the Democrats will lose the House and Senate if they continue to act as they do now.

The 2022 and 2024 elections will definitely be a complete disaster for the Democrats.

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