Biden Just “Canceled” Patriot Lee Greenwood

Joe Biden should treat his dementia before it’s too late

Biden can’t do his job and Americans are fed up with his nonsense. We need a decent leader who will help us live better. I guess this dementia thing didn’t stop Biden from proceeding with his plans.

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Biden has shown us that he is a real monster. He hates this country. He hates those who live in this country. Biden has been inside the White House for quite some time and he didn’t do a thing/

Dementia Joe supported Democrats and their COVID propaganda and cancelled those who oppose the regimen.

Now he is trying to cancel Lee Greenwood.

Western Journal reported that decent patriots are fed up with Biden. They all noticed that Biden went after Greenwood. He even tried to remove him from the National Council on the Arts.

Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” has a big role in every patriotic event. It was written in 1984 and now it’s gone. Greenwood is no longer part of the panel.

“So, hearing now under the Biden administration and he’s cleaned house and finally he’s fired a patriot. I was quite shocked to tell you the truth. I didn’t get a phone call or letter. It was just an email,” Greenwood said in a “Fox & Friends” interview Thursday.

Greenwood’s removal irked Perry O. Hooper Jr. He is the chairman of the Lee Greenwood VIP Dinner.

“I went from shock to anger,” Hooper said in a statement released Thursday. “I guess there is no room for a true American Patriot in Joe Biden’s world. From Woke Generals running the Military to the National Endowment of the Arts he wants to tear down the America we love.

“This is disgusting. Lee’s masterpiece ‘God Bless the USA’ has become a patriotic hymn behind only the National Anthem and God Bless America in importance to the soul of our great country,” the statement said.

Biden went after our hero. What will you do to support him?

Our so-called President hates our tradition and yes, he is doing his best to destroy our values.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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