Biden Is Sitting Calmly, Then A Staffer Walks In & Tells Him Something Gross About His Appearance

Grandpa Joe is gross

Everyone saw the “little egg” on Joe Biden’s face. The President attended a wildfire briefing Friday, and people can’t stop talking about it.

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So embarrassing! Biden doesn’t look like a president and he will never be the President of the United States. Yes, Dems stole the elections but decent Americans will never accept this old creep as their president.

One of the staffers handed Biden a note to warn him about the gross chunk on his chin. Biden read it and started cleaning his chin.

There is a video of his reaction. It’s available on Rumble.

A Reuters image shows the note Biden received:

“I’m surprised he didn’t yell, ‘My chins been wiped!’” one commenter noted.

This comment is related to the time when Biden said something that sounded like “my b*tt has been wiped.”

In a video shared Sunday, the President threw a few comments while passing by a reporter. What did he say? Millions of Americans made the same comment:

“My butt’s been wet”? Adam asked.

“My butt’s been wiped?” Michelle responded.

Some people couldn’t make up their mind and gave up:

Biden is a mysterious guy and a big chunk of this mystery is related to something gross and dark.

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