Biden HHS Invests $10 Billion In Testing For Reopening Of The Schools!

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is investing $10 billion for tests to reopen the schools.

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Also, the same department will create new guidelines on the screening of asymptomatic cases in educational and workplace settings. The money sends CDC to the states to support increased testing of teachers, students, and the rest of the educational garniture.

Biden administration, with this move, wants to reopen as many schools as possible, as HHS stated on Wednesday.
Since Biden took office, his goal was to open most schools in the first hundred days as a president.

But this goal, his administration rejected. Jen Psaki corrected Biden and said that the administration’s main aim is to have “most” schools reopened at least one day per week and that Biden said was a “mistake in the communication.”

HHS stated on Wednesday that the final allocation of funds would arrive in April to health departments.

Because of this mix-up, the Biden administration experienced criticism due to too deferential to teachers’ unions when creating the school reopening guidelines.

Numerous teachers from the unions through the state don’t want to open the schools for in-person schooling.

In February, Psaki said that the White House didn’t insist on full teachers’ vaccination for schools reopening.

The data polls say that most Americans’ main concern is that the children will fall behind academically because of the school closing.

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