Biden Health Problems Exposed By Daily Mail!

Is this how they do it in Soviet Russia?

When you read some article about everyday life, do you notice what shock and confusion people are experiencing every day? Now we live in a time when the party says 2+2= 5, and you question the solution or you don’t believe in it, you may disappear. Every sane person sees that Biden’s health isn’t good.

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But his handlers are claiming the contrary and warned us not to share conspiracy theories.
What happened in the past month revealed everything, and Biden’s handlers can’t hide the mental health problems anymore.

MSM outlets pushed the story that Biden is in physical and cognitive decline, and I can’t believe that this really happened.

Daily Mail revealed everything:

Biden – at 78 – is the oldest president and has previously suffered two brain aneurysms and a heart condition which makes the muscle beat too fast, causing dizziness and confusion.

After working his way through a list of reporters, Biden called on Fox’s Peter Doocy, who also followed Biden on the campaign trail, was one of the six members of the press the president called on

‘There had not been a U.S. service member killed in combat since February of 2020. You set a deadline, you pulled troops out, you sent troops back in, and now 12 marines are dead,’ he said, using the death toll that has since been updated to confirm an extra fatality.

‘You said the buck stops with you. Do you bear any responsibility for the way things have unfolded the last two weeks?’

Biden griped his notebook with both hands and was quick with his first answer.

Tucker Carlson from Fox News also commented on this problem:

We’ve learned a lot in the past five days. Maybe the important thing we’ve learned is that Joe Biden is not capable of running the country.

Joe Biden is senile. Saying that out loud is not an attack on Biden. Any decent person feels sorry for Biden, watching him gaze vacantly into the middle distance, or stumble like a drunk man trying to cross an icy street as he careens through his prepared remarks. There’s no joy in watching any of that. That could be any of us someday. It’s not Joe Biden’s fault he can’t think clearly. It’s an indictment of the people around him.

In the months before last November’s election, Biden’s own family knew perfectly well that he was in profound cognitive decline. They were worried about it. They told other people they were worried about it, which is how we know. But they did nothing to stop Biden from running for president.

Neither did Ron Klain, who is now the White House chief of staff. Klain is highly familiar with Joe Biden’s senility. He works there every day. So do Mike Donilon and Gene Sperling and Susan Rice, and the rest of the people making the decisions in this country, very much including Barack Obama.

They all know. These are hard, cynical, clear-eyed people. They’ve worked with Joe Biden for many years. Not one of them has any doubt he is failing. Now it’s obvious to the rest of the country.

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