Biden Draws Long Awkward *Blank* At Speech — Then Asks If He Is Going To ‘Embarrass’ Coast Guard Lt. Commander

As we all know, Biden has a problem remembering the lyrics when he has to say something. And that happened once again. Our President forgot the name of the Coast Guard Lt. Commander, who accompanied him to his first presidential service speech.

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Biden’s commencement speech was marked by his admonishing the Coast Guard grad to applaud following the plagiarized line from Dick Cheney’s speech. Moreover, this is proof that Biden has memory problems.

“I brought with me a former Academy grad, who now serves as my Coast Guard (indistinguishable),” our ”President” stated. “Lieutenant Commander Jayna ⁠— now I’m going to embarrass her?”

“Jayna Mac-Crone of the class of 2007,” Biden mumbled with his eyes closed.

The name of the Lieutenant Commander is Jayna McCarron. She is the same person who carried the nuclear football for Trump.

“US Coast Guard Lt. Cdr. Jayna McCarron, a White House Military Office aide who regularly carries the nuclear ‘Football’ for Donald Trump, has contracted COVID-19, Jennifer Jacobs has learned,” one report reads. “McCarron last accompanied Trump to Bedminster, NJ, on Thursday.”

From here, we can conclude that McCarron is back to her duty, and she is OK. Regarding Biden’s statements well, numerous Americans are ashamed to say that he is their President, officially.

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