Biden DEAD This Week?

Shocking prediction

We bet this one got you confused. Timothy Dixon shared his incredible prophecy and people across the nation started asking questions. Well, Dixon did more than that. He shared another video and got the attention of pretty much every person in this country.

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We wouldn’t go too deep in this one just to give you the opportunity to draw your own conclusion.

Finish watching the video and tell us what you think. That’s the only way to get and share the message.

If you need a short summary, here’s a brief tour across Cliff’s Notes.

“A casket in the White House.” Shocking title, right?

In the first two minutes of the video, Dixon talks about the casket in the White House, suggesting it holds Joe Biden.

It was an eye-opening dream. Dixon had it on April 30 and it was real. He saw Biden in the casket and people started wondering if this could happen this week. Strange things are happening…

Bo Polny said Tuesday will be an interesting day for all Americans. Can you put the pieces together?

Polny has so much to talk about, so you better wait for his next video. The man knows things! Be patient and wait for his word. He will be back soon.

Let’s go back to Dixon’s dream.

He saw Biden in a casket and there’s more… According to Dixon, the whole thing happened really fast. The Deep State stole the election but they weren’t able to finish their plans.

Biden’s death happened when Democrats didn’t even think about it. They put him in the White House, hoping to get full power. Biden’s death would definitely put an end to that. Maybe they have a backup plan… Who knows…

This vision leads us all the way to Kamala Harris.

What happens after Biden’s death? We’d see Harris in the White House and things would get a lot worse.

She is already taking some of the calls meant for Biden. She is meeting world leaders and diplomats. What else could you ask for? Harris is ready to take over Biden’s chair.

Dixon’s vision didn’t end here.

According to him, Harris recognized something was “not right” with Biden and his declining health. Is she next on the list? Will they turn on her?

This is pretty shocking. In 2019, Charlie Shamp was talking about this.

In his dream, Harris was stabbed in the back and they started throwing the knives back. What an interesting take!

Here’s the final part of the dream.

He said reports of the election fraud would come out and Dixon adds ABC News would report that “It looks like President Trump won by a landslide. We had no idea the fraud was this bad.”

Yes, it was.

Dixon went on adding that the mainstream media would agree that Trump won the presidential election in November.

Kim Clement said this would happen at the end. We can’t wait to see the mainstream media stand in the same line with Trump. The prophetic calendar is filled with surprises.

You have to watch this video. It will give you chills…

You can watch it on Rumble and YouTube.

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