Biden Crime Family Diamond Money Laundering Exposed, ‘Highly Coordinated’ Deep State Is The Bigger Story [VIDEOS]

Joe Biden didn’t say a word about his son’s laptop

Hunter Biden keeps making headlines and we are shocked. This man is related to pretty much every shady deal in this country and the White House has yet to make a statement.

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The Biden family is packed with criminals.

Hunter’s laptop was filled with spicy content. Well, this actually gave us a closer look into his family. Bunch of freaks! I guess Joe is fine with the idea of being put in the same sentence with words like “drugs” and “high-end escort”.

Hunter has addiction issues, but we are more concerned about the crimes this family committed.

Megyn Kelly talked about the Biden family and Hunter’s laptop.

“Just to round it out for our audience, this my information is this guy Ye. He was the chairman and founder of the energy company, he was a wunderkind of the Chinese energy world. And shortly after Biden left the vice presidency, Hunter and his guy Ye met over dinner in Miami. They discussed business opportunities for CFC in the United States, including possibly a $40 million joint venture to produce liquefied natural gas here in the United States. This is according to a 2019 New Yorker report. The deal failed, but Mr. Ye was so impressed, so pleased with young Hunter and their meeting that after the dinner, he sent him a 2.8 carat diamond to Hunter’s hotel room with a card thanking him for the conversation.”

Speaking with Kelly, Senator Ron Johnson not only accused Hunter of money laundering, but he explained, “It is important to note by the way that Hunter claims he doesn’t know what happened to that diamond. It’s also important to note that diamonds are often used in international money laundering. It’s how you do it. I mean, it’s very small, very valuable. So that’s one of the ways people launder money. When you have a criminal activity, you don’t want to necessarily have the money trace from the criminal activity to an individual, so you run it through a bunch of different businesses. Again, I think it’s very interesting how many different businesses Hunter Biden was involved in and he doesn’t seem necessarily like a serial entrepreneur. He sounds more like a serial grifter, serial conman, serial influence peddler. But that’s how you do money laundering.”

In the video below, Senator Johnson wasn’t all that surprised by the Russian disinformation tactic. “The Democrat Party, their allies in the media, have been using this Russian card dating back to the hacking of the DNC server. You know, I’m still not convinced that Russia hacked that server. The FBI never took possession of it and that started the whole process. Everybody gets accused of spreading Russian disinformation. It’s all Russian disinformation. Chuck Grassley and I were smeared by senior Democrats who created a false intelligence product, accusing us of soliciting and disseminating Russian disinformation.”

The Senator ended with a warning for the American people. “Again, this is all very well coordinated, which is why I keep talking about a very deep state. There’s much more to the story than just the corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden. This is corruption in our intelligence agencies within the FBI and within our news media. This is well coordinated. This is something incredibly serious the American public needs to understand. It needs to be exposed, but they’re very good at hiding their secrets.”

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