Biden Annoyed At Lack Of Enthusiasm From Coast Guard Cadets: “You Are A Really Dull Class – Come On, Man!” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden gave a speech at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. The special event happened on Wednesday.

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‘’Our President’’ got annoyed by the reaction of the Coast Guard Cadets and begged them to clap. According to him, they lacked enthusiasm.

What kind of President will beg for applause from the crowd? This can happen only to Biden.

“You are a really dull class. Come on, man! Is the sun getting to you?” humiliated Biden said. “I would think you’d have an opportunity when I say that about the Navy to clap — but to be here together ….”

Watch the video below.


However, this isn’t the first time that Biden offended the U.S. men in uniform. In 2016, Biden publicly humiliated the U.S. troops calling them ‘’stupid bastards’’ in their faces.

Biden, here you are $10; go and buy yourself behavior!

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