Biden Aims To Demolish ‘America First’; Cancels Over 65 Crucial Trump Executive Orders

Joe Biden destroys Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda

The US President has been planning to do this for a really long time. He entered the Oval Office to blast and destroy everything Trump did in the past four years.

Biden signed multiple executive orders and canceled those approved by Trump. Most of these executive orders are related to our national security, immigration issues, and China.

Trump banned transgenders from joining the military. Biden is ending the ban and he will soon approve taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgeries. That’s not all. Biden will also rejoin the Paris Climate Accords and change the funding of WHO. The border wall will disappear overnight, leaving the gate open for illegal aliens. Believe it or not, Biden has blasted at least 65 of Trump’s executive orders.

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Here’s an article from The Washington Free Beacon:

Biden Pulls 65 Pending Trump Executive Orders

“President Joe Biden has pulled 65 pending Trump administration executive orders, many of which deal with key national security and immigration matters.

Several of the withdrawals strike down orders that would protect American jobs by tightening immigration restrictions and eliminate proposed oversight regulations on how China-backed Confucius Institutes operate on campus. The Biden administration selectively cut the orders, as some pending Trump administration actions remain under review.

Biden withdrew one Department of Homeland Security regulation that would bar foreign nationals with deportation orders from working. Under current law, outgoing aliens released from custody can still seek legal employment. The proposed—and now withdrawn—Trump executive order would increase protections for American workers by striking down such an expansive employment policy”

Biden will do the impossible to erase every bit of Trump’s presidency.

The Washington Post has an interesting report on Biden’s recent moves:

Biden’s team even set up a shadow administration of sorts, recruiting Democrats with expertise in specific agencies to ensure that the orders would stand up to legal challenges.

The effort was driven by a view that Trump’s policies have been codified via an army of operatives who found endless ways, public and hidden, to turn federal policies in nefarious directions.

Even now, Democrats are digging layer by layer through federal orders and manuals — “bureaucratic archaeology,” in the phrase of Lucas Guttentag, a law professor who helped on immigration efforts — in hopes of unearthing buried Trump initiatives.

The process is ongoing, Guttentag said, adding that it “requires delving into innumerable details” and sorting “through these almost hidden and easily overlooked administrative actions that have incredibly long tentacles that have to be undone, root and branch, to even begin the process of reform.”

Biden was pretty busy in the first month of his presidency. We cannot even imagine the end. If he survives Kamala Harris, of course. The Vice President has been calling world leaders and she may easily push Biden out of the Oval Office.

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Source: www.politico.com

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