Biden Admits “We Will Take, Literally, Millions Of Automobiles Off The Road.”

Joe Biden made a promise…

He said that the “Build Back Better” plan would remove millions of cars from roads.

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“We will take, literally, millions of automobiles off the road. Off the road.”

Biden has made so many promises. Creepy Joe seems to be focused on gasoline-powered cars in the US. In August, Biden said that at least half of vehicle sales in this country will be “zero-emission” cars by 2030. Biden plans to implement radical climate proposals and spend billions of dollars on government subsidies and huge tax credits.

The so-called President wants to take millions of cars off US roads. Well, he rides around in huge motorcades and CO2-producing planes that release more carbon in a single flight than an average US citizen does throughout the entire year. Last week, Biden made his way to a climate summit with his 85-car motorcade.

This man is a hypocrite. Americans don’t need him. We need him to leave the country as soon as possible.

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Source: TrendingPolitics

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