Biden Admin Takes First Step Towards Reparations – Americans PANIC!

Joe Biden is on the move

The US President will soon try to alienate about 87 percent of the US in his attempt to provide “reparations” for the African-American community. His racist and unconstitutional policy won’t do any good to us all.

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He expects American taxpayers to support his bill.

Biden’s first plans involve pursuing a program to provide free college tuition to students at historically black colleges. The Daily Caller confirmed the information Monday.

President Joe Biden’s administration will move forward with policies beneficial to African-Americans as Congress considers creating a commission to study the merits of direct reparation payments, White House adviser Cedric Richmond told Axios in an interview. The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Feb. 17 regarding legislation that would create the commission.”

Biden wouldn’t wait for any commission recommendations. He will do it all by himself. His administration doesn’t need any “guidance.”

“If you start talking about free college tuition to [historically black colleges and universities] and you start talking about a free community college in Title I and all of those things, I think that you are well on your way,” Richmond said when the subject turned to reparations, according to Axios.

“We have to start breaking down systemic racism and barriers that have held people of color back and especially African-Americans,” he continued. “We have to do stuff now.”

Let’s get things straight and clear. “There is no white-caused ‘systemic racism’ in America in 2021. None.”

Leftists support this myth to push their policies. They are trying to force US taxpayers to pay for the “sins of Americans” who do bad things 160 ago.

Richmond told Axios that Biden’s regime has to “break down barriers” at this very moment.

“We don’t want to wait on a study,” Richmond said. “We’re going to start acting now.”

Translation: ‘We probably have less than two years to get this done before the GOP retakes one chamber or the other and thwarts our effort to foist this outrage on the country.’

There are so many wrong things about this. This plan is illegal as suggested in civil rights laws and it’s also against US Constitution.

Current federal civil rights statutes (Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act) prohibit race-related discrimination. Providing free college tuition for African Americans? Is this discriminatory? You can bet it is. This community makes up about 13 percent of the US population. It doesn’t include whites, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and other people. Someone is trying to use federal tax dollars to discriminate is both illegal and insulting.

“Most forms of reparations would violate the Constitution as currently interpreted by the Supreme Court. It interprets the Constitution as usually forbidding racial handouts, even for historically disadvantaged groups,” the Foundation for Economic Education notes. Further, the high court has ruled that the “federal government is not supposed to give an entire racial group special treatment, or make payments to it, just because different members of that group were mistreated in the past. That is considered an unconstitutional racial preference.”

Biden will make things his way. He will have to flip the SCOTUS from right-leaning to left-leaning.

One thing stands for sure: Reparations won’t do us any good. They are illegal, too.

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Source: The Daily Caller

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