Bible Prophecies Have Been Fulfilled! Only Citizens Who Have Been Approved by Pfizer Will Be Allowed To Vote! Courtesy Of FL Maquis

They are making a move…

Those who got the Pfizer vaccine will be able to vote. That’s all. This says pretty much everything you need to know about the system.

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How will you sleep at night knowing that you won’t be able to vote?

A lot of people didn’t vote in the presidential elections. Some people haven’t voted in a decade.

This video was supposed to warn us, but it had an opposite effect. It made us laugh!

Enter Metallica’s “King Nothing.” It fits the situation in the country. We are dealing with so many problems right now.

Are you worried?

Devoted Christians with strong faith have nothing to worry about. We all make choices and we get to deal with the consequences of these choices.

The government is trying to force us to take a different path, but no, we won’t take a step back now. We are ready to win this fight. We will win it for our kids.

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Source: The True Defender

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