Bewildered Biden Tries To Shake Hands With Thin Air, Wanders Around Looking Confused After Speech [VIDEO]

We didn’t vote for this guy!

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When Biden delivered a speech at the North Carolina A&T State University this Thursday, Joe Biden embarrassed America again!

He had to speak for over 40 minutes; many anticipated another display of fumbling and stumbling for the 79-year-old Democrat.

But, Biden talked about the importance of the Bipartisan innovation Act and that Congress had to increase funds for semiconductors. There was a standing ovation at the end of the speech but no mishaps.
In the video below, you will see that when Biden ended his speech, he turned around and handshakes the air because no one was there.


This Wednesday, Jen Psaki emphasized, “While the world needs to understand and see how he is leading on the war, the country needs to see how he is continuing to lead on the economy. Being able to continue to speak to our domestic audience about that is a huge priority. And his schedule tells the story of how much of a priority it is.”

In his speech, Biden mentioned inflation, stating, “We need to address these high prices, and urgently.”

“Companies are ready to invest in America, in American communities and American workers, but they need to see that their government is capable in investing in our future.”

The democrats and the WH wanted to promote Biden; online users emphasized the embarrassment.

People commented:

“I’ve never been more embarrassed for our country.”

“Has everyone else seen this? WOW. Our nation is in real danger.” And another said, “lol, and Dems are busy writing hit pieces on Dianne Feinstein for being too old and incompetent. Meanwhile…”

“Unfortunately for Joe, ‘the wheels on the bus’ do not ‘go round and round.’ How much longer before they 25th ‘the big guy.’”

My GOD!! Where are his wranglers? This is the guy we want out front of the public. Instills tremendous confidence,”


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