Betrayed Evangelical Leader Wouldn’t Support Biden On The Election, If He Had To Do It Over Again!

Richard Mouw, the pro-life evangelical scholar loud and proud, endorsed Biden in the 2020 Election. But, during the recent weeks, they got a lot of attention.

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Mouw revealed that Biden betrayed them by supporting the abortion; he betrayed their movement. Biden supported the use of federal tax dollars to pay for abortions.
Mouw, the president emeritus of Fuller Seminary in California, spoke to Christian Post on Tuesday. He told him that if Mouw had to do it all over again, he wouldn’t endorse Biden ever again.

What did Richard Mouw tell Christian Post?

Biden backed the COVID relief bill, so it passed the U.S. Senate without the Hyde Amendment, which doesn’t allow tax money to be used for abortion.

Mouw wrote a letter addressed to the White House, where he shows the church’s disappointment and betrayal from Biden.
He also said that they know Biden has changed his attitude towards the Hyde Amendment, and they issued their statement in October.

In that period, Biden’s campaign site clarified that he supports repealing the Hyde Amendment, and that was since July 2020.

Mouw said that his team supported Biden after their conversation with Biden campaign officials.

He said:
“We made … clear that we would offer support with the understanding that they would urge the White House to have serious conversations with Catholics and evangelicals who are right-to-life people,”

“The problem is that we haven’t had those conversations, and leaving the Hyde Amendment out of this particular package, this latest COVID package, is a signal that … there really … is no room for that kind of conversation.”

The outlet imposed a tricky question to Mouw if he had the chance again to vote, would he have chosen Biden again?

In response, he said that he would vote for Biden, again, but he wouldn’t support him publicly. He defended his group’s support for Democrats.

Below you can read the report from Christian Post.

Acknowledging that he received “a lot of angry messages from right-to-life people,” some of whom called him “naive” due to his support for Biden and subsequent feelings of betrayal, Mouw still defended the object of his previous remarks in support of Biden. He said they would be necessary to provide reassurance to the “many younger evangelicals who are not happy about … the way in which their parents and grandparents have endorsed and defended the Trump administration.”

“We … don’t want to lose them to evangelicalism because of what is perceived as a mean-spirited, highly partisan commitment on the part of the older generation of evangelicals who voted 81% … in the presidential election before this last one for Mr. Trump,” he said.

“We thought it was important to hold up the right to life position and at the same time, say it’s OK to be concerned about a broader range of issues such as global warming and children at the border separated from their parents and those kinds of questions. And so, we wanted to use our own access through the Biden campaign people to at least get them to stay in conversation with people like us.”

Now, he is less optimistic that Biden and his Party could build a “bigger tent” for pro-lifers.

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