Berlin Erupts Into Chaos – Footage Of Thuggish Cops Brutalizing Children And The Elderly

Nazis ran Germany all over again!

It is the current regime’s new target of those who want medical freedom and personal choice. People who don’t want to collaborate with Big Pharma medical experiments are part of the previously mentioned.

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In Germany, those who are against the Orwellian anti-coronavirus restrictions are a public enemy. These people can’t even protest the regime.

With the vaccine passports introduction, thousands of Germans filled the streets of Berlin and protested against the tyrannical policy that eliminates fundamental human rights.

Protests’ pictures show how fat thuggish, bootlicking cops want to stop the regime.

See below:

The cops even shove older people to the ground.


Children were abused.


And, they made a hundred arrests,

Summit News reported on the protests:

Worldwide protests against the decimation of freedom continued this weekend, with Berlin in Germany becoming the focal point as thousands took to the streets, rising up against lockdowns and the introduction of vaccine passports in the country.

As we reported last week, authorities in Germany have indicated that unvaccinated people could be banned from cinemas and restaurants and that those who have taken the jab will have “more freedom.”

Angela Merkel’s chief of staff Helge Braun stated that unvaccinated people, even if they test negative for COVID, would not be allowed to go to venues like restaurants, cinemas, or stadiums, because “the risk to everyone else is too high.”

Footage from the weekend highlighted riot police fighting with protesters, pepper spraying people and even aggressively pushing around old women and children.

The AP reports that 600 people were arrested.

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