“Before And After” Pics Of Olympian Gwen Berry Show The Dangerous Effects Of Radicalization

A huge link between Critical Race Theory and Marxism

According to this theory, we are either oppressed or oppressing others based on our skin color.

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This is nothing but an Anti-America, anti-white, and anti-black movement. White people are under a constant threat. They are demonized and African-Americans are treated as powerless victims with zero control.

What’s the purpose? They are trying to divide the country. Marxism is all about that. It’s all about class and race segregation.

Students in grade schools and high schools are listening to this cr*p during classes. This “theory” has been around for a really long time. It explains everything. A huge number of college kids have turned into anti-American communist zombies.

If you grew up thinking that you should hate your country and people around you just because of their skin color, you will probably turn into a monster filled with hate.

It’s more than obvious. Hate is planted everywhere. People disrespect each other. Those who represent our country trash our morals and values. They trash our history, our flag, and the National Anthem.

Enter athletes. These people use their popularity to spill their venom and spread the bad word. They are prophets who prioritize crime and chaos.

Guess what happened at the Olympics…

Bronze-medal winner Gwen Berry turned her back when they played The Star-Spangled Banner.

This is wrong on so many levels. It’s disgusting and embarrassing. We are fed up with this progressive political nonsense.

You may remember that Berry hasn’t always been “radicalized.”

A conservative pundit shared an old photo of Berry before she joined the chaos. Take a look at this photo. She is smiling and the American flag is right behind her.

Berry’s recent photos are different. She holds up a t-shirt reading “athlete activist” at the Olympics.

What happened to this lady? She is lost. She turned her back to our country and the people who love her and other athletes.

Haters don’t belong to the Olympics. If they hate the US, they shouldn’t represent us. They use their 15 minutes of fame to spread their Critical Race Theory.

Berry belongs to a small group of rioters who use their popularity to gain power. These people are really loud in the streets. We don’t need them. It’s time to speak out against communist bullies who poison people around them. We need to fight for patriotism.

Let’s all pray for people like Berry. She is lost. Maybe she will find her way back. She needs to find the light again.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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