AZ Senator Issues Warning To DOJ Not To Interfere In Election Audit

Wendy Rogers said that the DOJ has to stay in its lane. It cannot touch Arizona ballots and machines; otherwise, they will end up in an Arizona jail.

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As we all know, Dems are panicking because of the Arizona audit. But, Biden allowed his DOJ to interfere with the Audit as they want. Precisely because of this decision, Dems proved that they don’t want the Audit to happen.

However, one State Senator is standing up against that corruption.

AZ Senator Wendy Rogers warned the DOJ against any such interference. The warning came via Twitter, saying that if DOJ interferes with the audit, punishments are inevitable!

She tweeted: “’ Justice’ Department – you need to stay in your lane. Do not touch Arizona ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in an Arizona prison.”

Democrats continue with their filthy games, but Republicans ask for transparency.

Wendy Rogers warns the DOJ against interfering in the Audit!

The warning followed the DOJ threatening letter to AZ election auditors.

12 News shared more details about the threatening letter.

In a sharply worded letter Tuesday to one of her predecessors as Arizona’s top elections officer, Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is warning Ken Bennett to bring the Republican election audit he’s overseeing into compliance with state laws and regulations.

“I’m not sure what compelled you to oversee this audit,” Hobbs writes. “But I’d like to assume you took this role with the best of intentions. It is those intentions I appeal to now: either do it right, or don’t do it at all.”

If Bennett doesn’t comply, Hobbs could take him back to court for breach of contract. Bennett is now Senate Republicans’ liaison for the audit.

Under terms of a lawsuit settlement filed Tuesday, the defendants in the case – Bennett, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann and the lead auditor, Florida-based Cyber Ninjas – now have 48 hours to respond to the concerns in Hobbs’ letter.

The six-page letter highlights 13 concerns with the hand count of 2.1 million Maricopa County ballots now going on at Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

The concerns were identified by the two observers Hobbs is allowed to send to the audit venue, under a judge’s order last week.

Among the concerns:

Questions about the count: ”Most concerning” is the absence of details regarding how “tens of thousands” of tally sheets from ballot counters will be added up.

“When asked by my Office about the process that will be used to aggregate the tens of thousands of individual tally sheets that will be generated,” Hobbs writes, “we received no real explanation other than that an accounting firm will handle it later. This is not transparency.”

Lack of training: “The only evidence of training for audit counters is a sparse Powerpoint presentation that offers little guidance beyond the procedures documents.”

Democrats are in PANIC. They committed various crimes and tried to stop the audit unsuccessfully.

If you analyze their steps in this ‘’game’’, you will start wondering if they manifest their fear over what this Audit could uncover. Many conservatives began to ask this question.


On the other hand, Republicans are excited to see the Audit results! Maybe they will discover something crucial!

What do you think? What will this audit uncover? We expect your comments.

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