AZ Police Have Dem Senator On Secret Audio Admitting He Molested His Teenage Victim For Years

Dem Senator’s words to his victim are disgusting, disturbing, and damming.

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AZ Dem State Senator Anthony Navarrete end up in prison because of child sex charge crimes. The gay Senator spends significant time with children.

People were asking many questions about his arrest, but we have some of the answers now. It seems that the Senator was busted after his secret conversation recording with one of his victims.

The Blaze reported that Maricopa County Superior Court docs tell us that the victim shared Navarrete touched him and performed some sexual act on him more than five months in his 12-13 years, and it continued until he was 15.

According to the police statement, they recorded Navarrete’s conversation with one of his friends, admitting the crime.

“Of course, I regret any bad actions that I did, absolutely wishing everything could be different. I’m sorry, mijo,” Navarrete said in the recording. The Police stated the Senator wasn’t aware of the recording process.

The judge ruled a $50,000 bond, with some conditions among which was the forfeiture of his passport.

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