AZ Audit Update: Deleted Databases From Maricopa County Recovered!

The mass media refuse to cover the narration about the Arizona audit, but we will share the latest news! We all knew that the databases from the 2020 election were deleted. Everyone thought crucial information was lost. 

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Why would some county want to delete the files from the 2020 election three days before they were handed over for the audit? 

They are hiding something!

The Maricopa Arizona Audit shared that files have been deleted right before the audit on Twitter.

I will ask again: Why the County deletes databases from the 2020 election cycle? Maybe they wanted to cover the fraud? 

President Trump shared a statement about the deleted databases, which crashed his new website. And, if you haven’t read it, you have it below. 

The world population knows Dems delete crucial files at the last minute! It’s enough if we mention the name – Hillary. 

However, Maricopa Arizona Audit tweeted that forensic IT teams have recovered the databases. 

The Gateway Pundit shared the following information. 

The deleted database files noted by the Arizona Senate in their letter to Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors may have been recovered by the audit team.

This past week we reported the bombshell that there were files that were erased from the machines requested to audit in Maricopa County only days before providing the machines to the Senate’s auditors.

On Saturday, it was reported that there is speculation going around the net (Codemonkey is back) that:

“The image is of all the files that have been UNDELETED. That shows it was recovered by the forensic IT teams. It’s not to show us that they were deleted it is to show that they HAVE IT ALL.”

ABC15 News reported on the process of recovering the files. 

Word of Fann’s letter initially went viral on social media when the Arizona audit Twitter account published a picture showing file names that were contained in a database directory that had been recently deleted but were recovered by the audit vendor CyFir.

In the tweet, they accuse the county of deleting “a directory full of election databases from the 2020 election cycle days before the election equipment was delivered to the audit.”

Moreover, as expected, the mass media didn’t want to cover this story and did their best to discredit the audit. 

CBS Evening shared that the bases on the audit were baseless claims. Also, they added that it might represent violating election laws. 

Watch the video below. 

Who erases the crucial data at the last minute from the voting machines right before they were handed over for an audit? It means that the data will change something. 

This is just another event that makes us closer to our aim! We will return Trump to his office! Trump won the 2020 Presidential election! 

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