Avoidable Tragedy: Scott Quiner Dies Due To Maltreatment At Mercy Hospital

A lot of Americans share the same destiny

Stew Peters confirmed the death of Scott Quiner. His wife tried really hard to save him. She went against the hospital who left him without proper treatment.

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Unfortunately, Quiner died.

“It’s not easy to bring you this news,” Stew posted. “Scott Quiner has passed, and is with Jesus, in Heaven.”

Quiner was first admitted at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Doctors stopped treating him because his lungs were destroyed. Anne was all by herself. She begged them to use other treatments. Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamins, minerals…

It didn’t happen. Anne had to consult an attorney.

Peters shared their story with the help of attorney Thomas Renz. The attorney has been fighting the theory that COVID jabs are efficient.

The attorney moved Quiner to a hospital in Texas. Anne prepared the documentation and Quiner was about to get proper treatment.

Doctors explained that Quiner was extremely skinny and sick. His body was healthy, but his lungs were in a really bad shape.

Quiner got the right treatment and he was conscious again. Unfortunately, the damage was already done. Dr. Linda Soucie said that Quiner was sick because he didn’t get his jab.

According to the attorney, Quiner’s death was “avoidable tragedy.”

“Scott Quiner’s passing was an avoidable tragedy that we believe directly resulted from a broken system in which hospitals are rewarded for the deteriorating health, and even the death of patients. We’re grateful for the work of the hospital and the physicians in Texas, but the damage done in Minnesota was apparently too severe.

We pray for Scott’s family, and pray that our political leaders will step in and end the preventable deaths occurring in these hospitals.”

There’s more…

“Just a few minutes ago,” Stew added, “Scott succumbed to the horrific injuries inflicted by the satanic killers at Mercy Hospital who abused, poisoned, and tortured Scott, as they punished him for being unvaccinated. The Texas doctor is certain that the fatal injuries inflicted on Scott by Mercy hospital were solely responsible for his death, and that had he arrived in TX just a couple weeks earlier, Scott would have made a full recovery.”

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Source: Red Voice Media


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