Australian Open Vaxfest Collapse: Djokovic Deported, Ball Girl Collapses On Live Television

Novak Djokovic is a tennis player, healthy enough to play world-class tennis, and he is negative for C-19. But, that isn’t a barrier for the Prime Minister in Australia. They deported him from the country and banned him for three years because he refused to get the vaccine.

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Australia is a typical tyrannical country regarding the C-19 fight. They locked people in their homes. They blocked them from crossing state lines. They had police inspect coffee cups to ensure they actually had coffee when people pulled down their masks to drink from them. They put the people in prison camps, and even now, they’re building more camps.

DeAnna Lorraine joined Strew to talk about the complete C-19 tyranny happening in Australia! She told Stre that Australia had become a C-19 Communist regime, and it’s making its way to America. She emphasized that Djokovic’s deportation is “not based on health purpose, it was because of his beliefs.”

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke stated that he saw Djokovic’s presence in Australia to be a threat that could affect an uprising within the anti-vaccine group.

“Nobody should be dying, and nobody is dying from Covid-19, Deanna, what they’re dying from is a premeditated murder in hospitals,” Stew Peters said. “This is not about health and safety; it has never been.”

“This is about doubling and tripling down to their tyranny so that they can survive,” DeAnne said.

“Here’s this otherwise healthy athlete, presumably herself, this ball girl who is not in bad shape, collapsing at this vax-fest,” Stew commented to DeAnna.

“Maybe others will drop on the ground in the Australian Open as well,” DeAnna posed.

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