AUGUST 11: Why You Must Turn Your Cell Off At This Day!

We already warned you to tap the camera on the laptop a long time ago, but this time is something different.

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Sources shared that the US Government performs an emergency broadcast test today, on August 11. Precisely because of that, you have to shut down the cell phone, at least one day.

“Tape your front-facing camera so photos cannot be taken. Clear masking tape makes it impossible to see through it or you could color it with perm marker, the tape only. Don’t color your camera lens.. lol. Make sure you have boot security turned on, too.. this will prevent a reboot without your knowledge. (You’ll know because it won’t boot back up without the code input.) And never use your fingerprint to lock your phone, always a numeric code. No warrant is needed for your fingerprint. The government would not be training servicemen for all these drills if they didn’t have future intentions of what they’re planning to do!”

All the new phones have backdoors for the three-letter agencies to exploit.

Watch the video below:

We are threatened and observed! I am ashamed! Do you feel the same?

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