ATTENTION: General Mclnerney Warns People Not To Take The Vaccine!

We post this article for all those who think that the coronavirus vaccines’ warnings are nothing else but empty words!

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Maybe you don’t believe us because we aren’t experts, but the words of a 3-star General will make you think a little bit!

If this is the only way that we can make you understand what is happening, then, okay, let it be so!

General Mclnerney had a highly informative interview, from which we can acknowledge more details about the election fraud, Trump’s come back, the Democrat-China agreement about launching the virus, and numerous other things.

Regarding the General’s statement from the video, the U.S. has never been in a more dangerous situation. Right after this information, the General started talking about the COVID vaccine.

Immediately after taking the vaccine’s first jab, he had a wild 180.

Please watch the entire interview and start questioning yourself about the vaccine’s “effectiveness.”

And now you can read the best comments about the General’s warning.

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