As Her Husband Sinks, Looks Like Jill Biden Thinks She’s The One Who Can “Save” The Country

Jill Biden is trying to take over for real

Joe Biden is a failure. He is a walking disaster. The so-called President did more harm than good, but his lady won’t give up without a fight.

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The New York Times wrote that Jill is the “savior” we need at the moment.

As you may be guessing, Jill seems to have a “new role”. NYT wrote that the First Lady “isn’t standing on the sidelines,” adding that she is fighting for the “soul of the nation.” Oh yes… Jill convinced these guys that she is unifying US citizens.

Joe goes down but the “doctor” seems to be going up. Let’s not forget that a lot of people say she should be arrested for “elder abuse.”

Bizpacreview wrote about Biden’s summer.

“Eight months into Biden’s presidency, both he and the first lady are finding that winning the ‘battle for the soul of the nation’ may be his most elusive campaign promise. Trying to prove it’s still possible, Dr. Jill Biden isn’t standing on the sidelines.”

We have one good reason to believe that Jill controls Joe. She may be the one pulling the strings. NYT wants you to believe this…

This happened right after Fox News conducted a poll suggesting that most Americans feel the US is less united since Biden became our president.

How will Jill handle the Afghanistan issue? Thirteen US service members died. A drone strike killed a family in Afghanistan. France is pulling its ambassador and the FDA shut down Biden’s booster vaccine plan.

“A new poll conducted by Fox News was released this Sunday, which indicates that the percentage of respondents who feel the country is more united under President Joe Biden has declined. It has fallen to the point where those who think the country is less united are now in the majority, according to the poll.

The numbers show a huge discrepancy between the campaign rhetoric and public perception. A whopping 54 percent feel the country is less united since Biden took office, while only 37 percent felt it was more united.”

This fake doctor will make people cry. She is not a professional. How did she even dare to take control over our country? She is not our President.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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