Armed School Employee Prevents Man From Allegedly Kidnapping Juvenile Utah Girl

He prevented a tragedy

An armed school employee at Lincoln Elementary School in Utah prevented the kidnapping of a girl earlier this week as confirmed by a police report.

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The tragedy happened at the school’s playground on Tuesday. A 41-year-old, later identified as Ira Cox-Berry, will face serious consequences for his violent behavior.

The Odgen Police Department revealed more details in the press release.

First, the man walked up to the girl and pulled her as if he was “intended to leave with her.” The school employee saw the whole thing and confronted the kidnapper. Cox-Berry had to leave the area immediately. He is accused of trying to abduct the girl.

“Cox-Berry temporarily unhanded the student, allowing the employee time to usher the children into an adjacent classroom,” according to the police release.

The school employee took the students to safety. Cox-Berry made his way to the classroom and punched the window. Obviously, he was his way into the classroom.

“At that point, the employee produced a firearm, holding Cox-Berry off while simultaneously calling 911,” police said.

“The involved school employee is a Concealed Firearm Permit holder and was lawfully in possession of his gun when the incident occurred,” they added.

Police officers arrived right after the call. They took Cox-Berry into custody. Of course, he didn’t turn himself in easily. There was a brief struggle, but the officers took him away.

Cox-Berry was taken to the Weber County Jail. He was charged with one count of child kidnapping. We all know it’s a first-degree felony.

Investigators have yet to determine the link between the poor girl and the kidnapper. The ongoing investigation will reveal more about the incident.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox, a Republican in a first term, inked a measure into law in February. People in Utah are allowed to carry a concealed gun and they don’t need a permit to do that.

“This bill protects Second Amendment rights, reduces permitless open carry (which is already legal), and includes significant funding for suicide prevention,” the governor said in a statement at the time.

Donald Trump supported these rights. In the past four years, the former President tried to convince his opponents that properly trained teachers should carry guns to schools. This is one of the ways to protect students from people like Cox-Berry and gunmen.

Joe Biden has a different approach. His outlook on the Second Amendment got people worried. Biden is nothing like Trump, and he will never be like his predecessor.

The current President is on record as approving some of the heavily-handed gun control proposals. This includes banning the production and sale of military-style guns and high-capacity magazines. It also includes possession of so-called assault weapons. Biden is trying to limit the purchase of firearms, allowing Americans to buy one firearm per month. That’s not all. Biden also favors banning internet-based sales of guns and everything related to using guns.

Biden would gladly extend the background check time period from 3 to 10 days. He supports mandating background checks for pretty much every gun sale. This includes sales at gun shows and online. Biden wanted to reverse Trump’s repeal of the law that requires the Social Security Administration to “inform on people” and wants states to adopt red flag laws. Here’s more. Biden wants guns to be smart guns. Owners would be the only ones to handle these guns as they will have to use their fingerprints to unlock them.

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Source: The Epoch Times

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