ARIZONA AUDIT UPDATE: Via Rep. Mark Finchem: SIX States Have Visited The Audit – “ALL States NEED To Come Here”

Three delegations from Georgia, Alaska, and Colorado toured the Arizona audit facility at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday.

As of this morning, six states have made the trek to study this historic process.

On Wednesday afternoon, Arizona State Rep. and candidate for Arizona Secretary of State Mark Finchem wrote about an important update on “The Freight Train of Audits” on Twitter, which is unquestionably in full steam.

The six states include Pennsylvania, Georgia, Colorado, Alaska, Virginia, and Nevada.

 “Rep. Mark Finchem: “Update from Arizona: The states that have visited so far are PA, VA, GA, AK, CO. More individuals from GA will be in tomorrow and other states later in the week.

Until those states have visited we do not want to release their state names to prevent harassment. After spending a portion of time with these legislators, the unanimous sentiment that the trip and time spent was well worth it. Election integrity is a priority in every community across America.

Many state delegates have shown interest in the audit to ensure a future with fraud-free elections as the focus, and I am very pleased that Arizona is leading the way. All states need to come here because insecure elections are indeed a national security threat worth fixing.

I can now confirm that Nevada also came to visit the Arizona Audit.”

Until now, it is known that only Georgia will perform a walkthrough today, but when it comes to the state delegations that are in the coliseum, we will have to wait for news this afternoon.

Rep. Finchem stated:

 “Arizona is leading the way. All states need to come here because insecure elections are indeed a national security threat worth fixing.“.

It is expected that more states will flood into Arizona for a tour of the monumental Arizona audit every day of this week.

As the audit is nearing an end soon, delegations need to start booking reservations for next week!

It appears that Doug Mastriano is pulling a victory for the voters of Pennsylvania as on Real America’s Voice, he stated that an Arizona-style audit in Pennsylvania could be ready to go by July.


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