Approaching Pentagon’s “All You Need To know About UFO’s” Database

Americans will always remember this day…

Yesterday, US officials have just admitted that UFOs exist. They wrote a 9-page report to explain the current situation and even offered several important details.

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Here’s an excerpt from their report:

” In the report, The Pentagon was unable to confirm, nor rule out the possibility of an extra terrestrial origin for these crafts, and a vast majority to this day lack conventional explanation.

As more reports make their way through the internet, media outlets, and government agencies, the theory that this is some foreign drone technology continues to be more unlikely.

Advanced flight capabilities, trans medium travel, the advanced understanding of physics displayed, and the revelation that The United States Government has been tracking UFOs for 70 years are just some of the evidence suggesting these are not foreign drones.”

Here are more details from Pentagon and their story about UFOs:

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Source: The True Defender

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