Another Reporter Loses Job After Blowing Whistle On Fake News Media, April Moss Speaks With Project Veritas

Ex-Fox reporter Ivory Hecker criticized her news station live on-air because they censored the truth and fired her. However, another one did the same.

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CBS 62 meteorologist April Moss shared live on-air in a weather report that she would also share her opinion with Project Veritas about the discrimination by CBS.

Moss was also fired from her position due to false stories, among which was the information for COVID-19 and vaccinations.

Moss claimed that she was advised to ask only softball questions when she interviewed Dr. Joneigh Khaldun from the Department of Health and Human Services. She added that her station wasn’t pushing journalism but propaganda.

Newsweek covered this story.

April Moss, the reporter at a Detroit CBS station who was fired for saying on-air she was planning to accuse her employer of discrimination, says her complaints largely concern coronavirus vaccinations, with a bit of Candace Owens and Gayle King in the mix.

In a video released by James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas late Tuesday, Moss complains that when she suggested interviewing Candace Owens during International Women’s Month, the idea was nixed as “too political,” and she was instead assigned an interview with Dr. Joneigh Khaldun of the Department of Health and Human Services.

When she interviewed Khaldun, Moss asked her to clarify her statement that COVID-19 vaccines prevent the need for hospitalization, since “there have been many studies showing that people have been hospitalized after the vaccine.”

The doctor assures Moss of the efficacy of the treatment and says that negative reactions “are not necessarily directly related to the vaccine,” but Moss tells O’Keefe that behind the scenes “my producer in my ear was saying, you know, ‘move on to the next question.’ He did not want me to talk about [it].”

She said her boss wanted her to ask softball questions such as, “Who inspires her,” but she counters that it “would have been careless of me as a journalist not to ask” hard questions about the vaccine.

Moss says that the episode occurred not at her primary station where she’s a meteorologist, but at a sister station where she occasionally filled in as a reporter.

Moss also shows a May 24 email allegedly from parent company ViacomCBS that reads, “Vaccine Hesitancy: we are using the power of our brands to encourage viewers to get the vaccine when available.”

“I don’t think that this is journalism at all. I think that this is propaganda,” Moss told O’Keefe.

Moss also interviewed CBS This Morning host Gayle King, asking her, “You have a lot of voices out there saying there’s fake news. How do you encourage those people watching today to stay objective in their journalism?”

“When I hear ‘fake news,’ I never think they’re applying—that it applies to us,” King says, prompting O’Keefe to show video of cars lined up at a COVID-19 testing site in Michigan for a segment on King’s show last year. For that operation, O’Keefe interviewed a whistle-blower claiming the news crew wanted more cars for their cameras so put staffers in the line.

“We knew [CBS News was] coming, we had no clue that we were going to have to, like, do fake patients,” a nurse says in the undercover video.

Moss, addressing O’Keefe but referring to King’s assertion there’s no “fake news” at CBS says, “It’s a shame, because over the last couple of months I’ve seen personally that there have been stories that CBS has run that were proven to be fake.”

After the on-air incident, CBS 62 Chief Engineer Chuck Davis said on the phone that he would recommend that she be fired, and she was.

CBS 62 Chief Engineer Chuck Davis said to April Moss: “I’m gonna recommend that you get terminated.”
“I’m not going to stand up for you.”

April is very brave for sharing these details because the mainstream media push false stories.

However, she isn’t standing alone. She met another truth-seeker, Ivory Hecker.

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