ANOTHER DISASTROUS PERFORMANCE! – “Give Me a Break”: Joe Biden Leans Forward, Pushes Back on Reporter in Creepy Voice, Says He’s Going to “Get in Trouble” with His Staff (VIDEO)

Biden seems to be losing it big time!

On Sunday, he spoke to reporters after he met with G7 leaders this weekend.

Yet, the creepy old man had a disastrous performance again, even though corporate media decided to present it as a success!

During the event he went off script, started mumbling nonsense about former President Trump and global warming, and at one point, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to step in and correct him after Joe interrupted the Prime Minister to welcome the President of South Africa.

In the end, Joe looked extremely tired and as reporters were asking questions, it was obvious that the battery of Sleepy Joe was running low.

Then, he told reporters he’s “going to get in trouble” with his staff.

Next, he leaned forward and when asked about sanctions, answered in a creepy voice:

“120 days. Give me a break – need time.”

Watch it all below:


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