Another Billionaire Bizzare Death!

Money can’t make you immortal

The world’s 68th wealthiest man died in a bizarre accident.

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Petr Kellner, founder of the investment group “PPF,” lost his life in a helicopter crash. The helicopter crashed 40 miles north-east from Anchorage. Five men were on the helicopter and just one of them survived.

David Horvath from the Czech Republic is badly injured and he was admitted to the Anchorage hospital.

Here’s what ABC reported:

“A spokeswoman for the exclusive Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, where the crash victims were staying, said Mr Kellner had been a frequent guest since 2012. Authorities mounted a search for the helicopter Saturday night after the aircraft was reported overdue for its return, and located the wreckage a short time later.”

“The victims’ bodies were recovered on Sunday.”

“A National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) team found that the helicopter, an Airbus AS350B3, crashed about 4.5 metres below a ridgeline and slid 274 metres down the slope before coming to rest, agency spokesman Eric Weiss said. Photos from the crash site, an elevation of about 1,676 metres, showed the aircraft largely intact.”

“NTSB member Tom Chapman told a briefing in Washington on Monday that investigators had yet to interview the survivor.”

“The area is very rugged, both in terms of terrain and in terms of weather conditions,” Mr Chapman said.

Take a look at the photos. The helicopter looks like it has landed.

Authorities wait for the results of the autopsy.

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Source: The True Defender

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