Analysts Warn “The Chinese Are Preparing For War”

US President Joe Biden and his administration practice a really uncertain policy with China, and experts share their valuable opinion

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Many would agree that the situation with China can easily turn into a nightmare. Americans know nothing about Joe Biden’s future plans. This uncertainty is driving people crazy.

Why are Democrats ignoring the fact that China is ready for a war? Chinese troops train on Canadian soil, and Chinese drones are ready to do at every point of the day and the night. What about the Chinese belt & road initiative?

Biden works well with the Chinese. It’s like they have a friendly deal or something like that. However, his Chinese friends may not be that friendly after all.

Here are the latest developments:

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The Red State Observer shared more details on the tension:

“While Biden might not be worrying about having his lunch eaten by Xi Jinping & Co., two noted China analysts are worried — and then some. Gordon Chang, author of ‘The Coming Collapse of China,’ told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that the Chinese are ‘testing’ Biden right now, ‘but they don’t really have to lift a finger to do this, because he’s giving them everything that they want.’

Also on Sunday’s program, Dr. Jonathan Ward, author of ‘China’s Vision of Victory,’ told Bartiromo that China’s actions are rooted in their belief that they are going to surpass the United States, as reported by Daily Wire.”



That’s not all. The Daily Wire offered more details on China’s readiness to become a dominant power. According to their report, Chinese authorities are pretty confident about their power. It looks like China will take a different approach this time. An aggressive approach. Biden’s administration has to prepare for any potential threat.

“Later in the show, Bartiromo asked Chang about an op-ed from The Global Times, which is a state-run news organization in China, that warned that other nations should stay out of China’s business when it comes to territories that it believes it controls, like Taiwan.”

Chang was pretty strict at that point. He believes that the Chinese are preparing for war as they have already issued new amendments to their national defense law.

“Well, first of all, the Chinese are preparing for war,” Chang said. “They issued new amendments to its national defense law, effective the beginning of this year, which allows the Chinese military to mobilize without civilian control. And, indeed, many people say China is just bluffing. But history says that, when countries bluff and threaten war, they usually provoke one. So, therefore, all of these maneuvers against Taiwan, these threats against the U.S., they are consequential.”

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Source: www.foxbusiness.com

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